Skincare tips during the monsoon season

Monsoon season is here to stay because according to PAG-ASA there’s 70-80% chance of La Niña happening in the fourth quarter of this year, with that being said, rains are expected to be present until the end of 2021, the is why our marketing team put together a shortlist of skincare tips during the rainy season. A list that should guide every skincare junkie as they go through the colder months until December.

Before we start, we'd like to say that monsoon season is still a beautiful season despite several skin problems that may come your way, that’s why you have to read on this shortlist to make your skin perfectly healthy and beautiful during the entire season!

Woman Washing Her Face

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Wash your face regularly
Primarily, our skin (esp those with acne-prone skin) becomes sticky and oily during the rainy days that lead to clogged pores and eventually acne breakouts. Our expert tip is to provide your face with extra care by washing it 2-3 times a day to cleanse the open pores allowing it to breathe. Don’t go anywhere for the antibacterial soap with Lactoferrin and St. John’s Wort because you can find it in Watsons retail stores.

J-Beauties we’d also want you to choose healthier meals this season and avoid oily foods as they may trigger oily skin brought by the season. During the monsoon season, you might want to reduce frying and use healthier cooking methods like air frying, grilling, and of course the super healthy “steaming”.

Woman Washing Her Face

Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Moisturize regularly
Monsoon season dries your skin, so if you're thinking of skipping your moisturizer due to all the humidity in the air, that is a wrong decision. Keep a moisturizer handy, but what’s more important is you wash your face with a soap that has MOISTURIZING PROPERTIES, like Glycerin. Glycerin is present in all handmade soaps like Japonesa® (so I can go with any handmade soap?, NAH!). Moisture should come with Collagen because it regulates the amount
of water to cells keeping optimal moisture levels. Yes, Japonesa® has both Collagen & Glycerin for the perfect 2 in 1 Collagen & Moisture action. 

J-Beauties here are some diet inclusions perfect to maintain moisture on your skin, Avocado (fat keeps the skin moisturized), Oatmeal (which keeps you full longer meaning you’re less likely to eat sweets and salty foods), and Salmon (as it helps preserve collagen, fights inflammation, and keeps the skin firm).

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Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

Hydrate yourself
It is essential to keep ourselves hydrated anytime of the year and for any skin type, primarily because it leads to parched skin. It is also important to note that drinking water flushes out toxins making our bodies healthier in the long run. According to “Men should drink 3.7 liters of fluids per day, while women should do 2.7 liters of fluids per day.”. 

Special Tip: Gradually improve your diet to Seasonal fruits, green veggies, and antioxidants that you can find in our Japonesa® Total Well-being, Immunoboost & Beauty Capsule powered with Setria® Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid & Sodium Ascorbate using Zeal Technology.

Thankfully Japonesa® Probiotic Soap is present in selected Watsons retail stores nationwide. If you’re staying at home, open your Watsons app and just search for “Japonesa Probiotic Soap”, and we’ll surely be there! Stay dry!

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